Woodbury, TN

Do I have to stay at my booth the whole time?

No, you can stay as much or as little as you would like.  Feel free to set up your table with brochures, catalogs, business cards, samples, etc.  for any times you can not be there.  However, we can not be responsible for any lost or damaged items you leave unattended.  

When will I see the most customer traffic?

The times that we are busiest are during the presales Tuesday night, first public day Wednesday morning, Friday night during presales, and half price day Saturday.

Can I sell my products at my booth?

We only allow items to be sold that do not interfere with our consignors' sales.  This would mean no selling of baby clothing or hairbows, etc.  Kitchen and beauty products and home decor is OK.

When can I set up?

We would prefer either on our Monday accepting day or on the Tuesday before the presales which start at 4:30pm.

Can I shop the presales?

Yes, you can shop with our helpers at 5pm.

What is the cost? 

The price for a 6x6 booth is $40 plus a donation of any item or gift certificate of at least a $5 value that we will give away to one of our wonderful volunteer workers.

How can I pay?

You can mail a check to the address on the vendor agreement or you can pay right now using your credit card or paypal account using the "Pay Now" button on this page: click here


**Due to floor plan changes we are taking very limited numbers of vendors.  Prime locations not guaranteed.

Taken Fall 2020: Pampered Chef (Katie Peachey)




Do I have to bring my own table?


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