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Precious Angels Children's Consignment Sale - TN
Precious Angels Children's Consignment Sale - TN

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Consignment Tips




1.   Place a box in the bottom of your child’s closet. As they outgrow clothes, jackets, etc., add them to the box.  If you leave the items freshly washed and on a hanger you’ll save yourself a step later.  Place a similar box in a closet or area near your playroom.  As you notice that a toy, book, video has been overlooked for some time, consider it for the consignment box.  Keep the processes running throughout the year to avoid last minute gathering.

2.   Involve your children in the process.  Remind them that if they part with toys and books they no longer use, they will be able to get a new toy that they have been wanting.  Consider sharing profits from your consignment check with older children for helping you hang, tag and organize your items.  Making your tags more identifiable like with a stamp or unique ink color helps our sorters and can be a fun project for the kids.

3.  All clothes must be washed, pressed (if needed) and on hangers with the hook opening to the left.  Place multiple onsies/gowns on hanger with large safety pins.  DO NOT put ANY clothes in Ziploc bags.  Attach pants, skirts, etc by waistband to top of hanger with safety pin to avoid them falling off hanger and losing them.  Junior's clothing with large necks must be secured with pins.  Securely attach mated shoes together with large safety pin or shoelaces or put them in a Ziploc bag.  For tagging shoes, reinforce the card with tape and zip tie through this area to prevent the tag from ripping off.  People are rought with shoes.  Place small items and parts in Ziploc bags and securely attach to larger item with packing tape.  Bedding/blankets sell better on hangers than in plastic bags.

4.  Even the smallest stain will cause an item to be rejected.  We do this to maintain a high quality of goods for our shoppers.  Inspect your clothing under fluorescent or daylight for best results.  Consider donating stained items or here is our favorite stain removal tip:  Make a paste of color safe bleach and oxy crystals over the stain and sit for several hours before washing. (Note: this rarely discolors fabrics, but it does happen sometimes)

5.  When tagging items set a goal of tagging 15-20 items each night.  You’ll be through the pile more quickly than you think!  Don't wait until the last minute or you'll get burned out and never want to do it again :(

6.  Remember these tips to make the most of your experience:

a.)    Outfits sell best, match up as many as possible; Write the brand name on the description; size according to how it fits, not the tag size. 

b.)    Always accentuate the positive. “NEVER WORN”, “LIKE NEW”, “GREAT FOR PICTURES”, (Highlight these words on cards so they stand out)

c.)    Price varies according to brand, size and condition. Don’t think about what you paid - think about what you would pay here and now.

d.)  Infant clothes are in abundance - you may want to price them a little lower.  Bring only your best-15 item limit per size up to 12 months.

e.)    Let it go for half-price!!!  Price higher and let it go for half.  (It’s a mental thing). 

7.  When selling large items it helps to also put the retail price on the card to show it’s a great deal.  If the item has small parts, place in Ziploc bag and securely tape to large piece.  Have as much original packaging, and directions as possible.

8.  When dropping off, schedule a time that’s convenient for you.  Making an appointment also lets you avoid waiting in line with those who didn’t make an appointment.  Have items sorted by gender and size.  The more organized your items are, the more quickly you’ll be checked in.  

9.  Save your hangers and ziploc bags when you shop at consignment sales to reuse when you sell.

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