Woodbury, TN
Precious Angels Children's Consignment Sale - TN
Precious Angels Children's Consignment Sale - TN

Jobs Available

(shifts are 4 hours to receive benefits-8 hours on Saturday sort and we can mix & match days)

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Set Up  - help set up tables, put out signs, organize work areas, etc on the week before the sale

Wednesday set up 5:00pm-9:00pm

Take Down - take down racks & load them on truck, put away tables, sweep floor

  Sunday tear down ---  2:00pm–6:00pm

Hubby Helpers - husbands can help at Set-up  before the sale,Take Down on Sunday, or security duty Tues-Sat; then add his hours to yours or in place of yours.

Accepting Dates – do quality checks of incoming items, assist consignors, help organize incoming items

Saturday drop off ---  9:00am–5:00pm

Sunday drop off ---  9:00am–5:00pm

Monday Drop off ---  9:00am–2:00pm  and then 4p-8p for final organizing 

Sale Dates – help prepare items for checkout, organize merchandise, and assist customers

      Tuesday presale ---  6:00pm–10:00 pm 

 (during Worker & Consignor Presale)

Wednesday public sale  ---  10:00am–7:00pm

Thursday public sale  ---  10:00am–7:00pm

Friday public sale ---  10:00am–7:00pm

Saturday 1/2 price sale ---  8:00am–2:00pm (1/2 Price Day)

Saturday Sort – sort unsold items by consignor number and put away tables. (Please note that this job involves long periods of standing and overhead work.  Consider helping us in other ways if this is not possible for you to complete.)

Saturday Sort ---  2:00pm–10:00pm

  Dinner will be provided and you will receive 80% of your sales.


Extra Help Needed

Can’t work during our sale dates?  It’s OK!  We still could use your help!

  •  Distribute Fliers – post fliers or pass out stacks to local businesses including pediatrician offices, daycare centers, libraries, dance & gymnastics & karate studios, churches, schools, scout meetings, etc.  Flyers and locations to distribute them will be provided.  Needed in Woodbury, Smithville, Tullahoma, Manchester, McMinnville , M'boro   *must get with us 4 weeks before the sale

  •  Provide Dinner to feed workers  (examples are BBQ family pack, large sub sandwiches, pasta dish, chili, etc.)(Early shopping pass only-no extra sales % awarded)

  • Add up cards after the sale.  (for those who are good with numbers and 10 key)

    Let us borrow your 6 ft. tables!  Each table counts for an extra 15 minute head start on your shopping time.  I like groups of four tables see Angela about the deal I make with consignors. 

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