Murfreesboro, TN

Consignor Info

To consign you need at least 15 acceptable items or 2 large items (such as furniture, large outside toy, playhouse, etc).

Consignors are limited to 500 items total and 15 clothing items each size through 12 months.

A $12 fee is required to offset costs of space rental, advertising, printing, postage, etc.  This will be paid at registration by paypal or a check can be mailed.  You do not have to have a paypal account to use paypal to pay the fee.  This will cover the postage for mailing your check - no self addressed stamped envelope necessary.

Consignors get to shop early before the general public (early on 1/2 price sale too) and will receive 1 guest pass to the presales to give to a friend.  (Guests enter the sale 1 hour later than consignors).

Consignors receive 70% of their sales.*

Drop off:  Saturday Feb 16th  9-5

                Sunday Feb 17th   9-5               

                Monday Feb 18th   9-2

Schedule your appointment here

Consignor presale:  Tuesday Feb 19th  6-8 pm

Consignor 1/2 price presale: Friday Feb 22nd  6-8pm

Pick up:   Sunday  Feb 24th  11a-2p

 * workers may receive 75% to 100% of sales on first $300 depending on shifts worked

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