Woodbury, TN
Precious Angels Children's Consignment Sale - TN
Precious Angels Children's Consignment Sale - TN

Helper Policy

Thanks for considering volunteering at Precious Angels Children's Consignment Sale.  I could not hold the sales without the help of our volunteers. 

In order for the sale to run smoothly and to keep things fair, it’s imperative for helpers to work when and where they’ve committed.  Carefully consider your schedule and ability to fulfill the job’s requirements prior to registering as a helper. 

If you sign up to be a helper and take advantage of your benefits but do not fulfill your obligations or find a replacement, we will charge a $50 fee per shift missed to hire a replacement and you will not be permitted to volunteer with PACCS again.   

Although this seems severe, this policy is in place to prevent abuse by those who would take advantage of our benefits without fulfilling their commitments.  This would be unfair to our customers, consignors, helpers and us.  If you have an emergency please speak with us.

Many of our jobs require standing or other physical work, so if you have special needs please let us know when registering.  Some jobs, like Saturday sorting, may not be appropriate for all our helpers due to extended periods of standing and overhead work.  We are unable to provide childcare during volunteer shifts.

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