Woodbury, TN

How it works

What you'll need: 

  • 3x5 index cards (any style)
  • hangers (any style-can often get for free at drycleaners, Old Navy, etc.)
  • safety pins (@dollar tree, etc.)
  • ziploc bags (for toys with small pieces, etc.)
  • tape  (packing or painters tape works well on books)

You bring us your children's clothing, baby gear, toys, etc. 

Clothing must be on hangers and all items tagged according to our tagging guidelines.  You pick your own prices.  We save the tags when people buy your stuff and this is how we know how much to pay you.

You will earn 70% of your sales.

You must register online and either make an appointment or register as a walk-in.  Your $15 consignor fee is to be paid online at the time of registration by paypal and is non refundable for no shows.

Bring your items to the sale location on the appropriate day(s).

We check your items for acceptability-stains, etc.

You will hang up your items by size and gender and put toys on the appropriate tables.

You will get passes to shop special consignor only presales before the general public.


You must come pick up your items that did not sell.  If you don't come or send someone on Sunday pick up day before 2:00, we will assume you did not want your items back and they will be donated.  We will not be calling you. 

Your proceeds will come into your PayPal within 2 weeks!

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