Murfreesboro, TN

Drop off Procedure


1.   Pre-schedule your appointment here or register as a flex-time.  The $12 consignor fee must be paid online at that time.  Flex times will be worked in as quickly as we can when you show up, but a wait is possible.

2.   Have items sorted by gender and size before drop-off appointment.

3.   Bring items in and place clothes on an available rack and other items on an empty table.

4.   Sign-in and get your presale passes.

5.   Have items checked for rejects.

6.   Hang all clothes on racks by gender and then by size and place other items on the appropriate table(s).  All equipment that needs to be assembled must be done at this time.

Allow 15-30 minutes for check-in based upon the number of items you have.  A general rule is 15 minutes for every 100 items.  Your time may vary.  A limit of 15 baby clothes per size, and 15 maternity items is in place.  There are so many at each sale-bring your very best to ensure more $ for you!

Please do not be offended if we return any items to you. 

Quality is our main concern and it is our goal to maintain a high standard for our consignors and customers.   

We do this to give you the best sale possible!


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