Woodbury, TN
Precious Angels was started by Kim Lane in 1996 in her garage with just 35 consignors.  December of 2009 Angela and Jennifer bought PACCS from Kim and had our first spring sale in April of 2010. It was held in the boys and girls club in Murfreesboro. The sunday pick up was the day of the great floods in Nashville. The next sale in fall we moved to a little building on Park Ave. It had two big rooms, we made one for girls and one for boys.  In spring for the next sale we moved to 1209 Park Ave. right next door. We loved that big building my kids still miss it and talk about it to this day! We had several sales there from spring 2011 to spring of 2016. Then AT&T bought it and we had to move to a new building that was updated to be the Middle TN EXPO at 1660 Middle TN Blvd. We had several sales there from fall of 2016 to spring of 2020. We enjoyed the nice new bright white paint and lighting and bathrooms. Then covid hit in March of 2020 we had a spring sale there in Feburary of 2020 and then it closed down for covid. Jennifer had been wanting to retire from owning the sale. It had been a fun decade but the kids were out growing it.  I (Angela) had a very hard time letting my consigning buddy go. We have been friends since 1997 and had our kids very close to the same time and had been shopping and consigning since 2004-ish, 5 years before owning PACCS!!!! I (Angela) am a die hard consignment owner and shopper and deal finder and I just cant give it up yet! A new adventure came my way when I decided to move the sale to Woodbury in fall of 2020. It has been good for me to do a smaller sale in a smaller building without a bussiness partner. I still miss Jennifer but, Im getting the hang of things by myself! So on to a new chapter with new expierences, people and fun for me and PACCS! The fall sale of 2022 is coming up and I am enjoying the new location and new faces (and oldLaughing) . I look forward to more sales and growing the sale popularity with the surrounding towns.
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