Murfreesboro, TN
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Use the link above or call Angela @ 615-243-7089 or email to schedule a volunteer time.

 Thanks for considering to work with us.  We can't do it without you!


Shifts still available:


Wednesday Sept 6th setup :  (5pm-9pm x 5)  

Saturday Sept 9th accepting:   (9am-1pm x 4)   (1pm-5pm x 4)

Sunday Sept 10th accepting:  (9am-1pm x 4)   (1pm-5pm x 4)

Monday Sept 11th accepting: (9am-1pm x 4)  (12pm-4pm x 4) 

Monday Sept 11th organize: (2pm-6pm x 7)

Tuesday Sept 12th during presales: (6pm-10pm x 10)  Also need a security guard type for the door

Wednesday Sept 13th during public sale:  (10am-2pm x10) (11am-3pm x 1) (2pm-6pm x 4) (3pm-7pm x 1)

Thursday Sept 14th during public sale: (10am-2pm x 2)  (2pm-6pm x 2)

Friday Sept 15th during public sale:    (10am-2pm x 2)  (3pm-7pm x 4)            

Saturday Sept 16th during half price sale: (8am-12pm x 6)  (10am-2pm x 4)

Saturday Sort Sept 16th (2pm-9pm x 20)  *80% of Sales

Tear down Sunday: Sept 17th (11am-3pm x 2 ) (1pm-5pm x 2)

Bring Dinner to feed 8 people Sat. Sept 16th (@ 5pm) x3

(example: BBQ family pack, 3 pizzas, 4 lg. sub sandwiches, pasta dish, chili, etc.  Early shopping pass only, no extra % of sales awarded for food shifts)  Also, a $20 donation will work.

Bartering for shop time....

Let us borrow your 6 ft folding tables for the 9 days (Sept 9-17) ---each table lets you shop the presale 15 minutes earlier than your designated shop time - can be combined with work hours for shopping time purposes but does not count toward extra % of sales payments.

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