Murfreesboro, TN

You do not have to be a consignor to volunteer.  All workers get early shopping privileges.  Must be 16 yrs old to receive benefits.

Our 4 Hour Helpers Earn:

  • Helpers Presale Pass
  • (Helper Presale is Tues, Sept 12th - enter from 9am-5pm depending on shifts worked)
  • Helpers ½ Price Presale Pass
  • (Helpers ½ Price Presale  Fri, Sept 15th check out at designated time depending on hours worked)
  • Drinks & Snacks 
  • Fun and conversation with other Moms


One additional 4 hour shift gets you a $10 gift card.
Get 5% more of your sales* for each shift above the first 2!  Each shift lets you shop the presale an hour earlier!
Our 7 Hour Saturday Sort Helpers Earn:
  • $10 gift card to spend at sale
  • 80/20* split instead of 70/30 and can go up from there.
  • Helper presale and guest passes (shop early Tuesday Sept 12th@ 4:00pm or even earlier if more shifts worked)
  • Dinner                 ****work time: Sat, Sept 16th 2-9pm****


*This extra percentage only applies to your first $300.00 in sales.  Any sales above this amount will be figured at the 70/30 split.


Call Angela at 243-7098 or email to schedule a work time.

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